About the Firm

Eric Dillon Law - Court House

Eric Dillon Law Firm is focused on ethically and honestly helping its clients recover from their losses and receive compensation for their injuries.

Not all personal injury firms are the same and you should choose your attorney carefully to make sure you get the best representation that you can.  Some firms look for a quick settlement so they do not have to work hard on your case. Others do not devote the proper amount of time to your case and do not fully understand your case.  Many do not return phone calls or keep you informed about your case.  All of these problems prevent you from receiving what you deserve to be compensated for your injuries.

Eric Dillon Law Firm understands that your case may be the only one that you have ever had and that case is probably the most important case in your life.  Eric Dillon Law Firm devotes its time to each individual client no matter how large or small the case may be.  When you contact us you get to talk to an attorney and you get results.